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Our Wiki focuses on The Yogscast, a network featuring a huge assortment of gaming content, animations, songs, amazing personalities and more! The largest database for information on the Yogscast family, since March 5th 2011!Currently with 22 active users, 1,718 articles, 9,593 files, and a total of 340,393 edits on this Wiki. This site contains spoilers Our To Do ListAbout EditingWiki Policy. Yogscast Limited; trading as The Yogscast are a British entertainment company based in Bristol that primarily produce video gaming-related videos on YouTube and Twitch, and also operate the Yogscast multi-channel network for affiliated content creators.They began activity in 2008 and formally incorporated as a company in 2011. In 2017, they published the video game Caveblazers Yogscast er en britisk kanal på nettstedet YouTube som skaper og publiserer videoer hvor de i hovedsak spiller og kommenterer videospill. Frontfigurene i Yogscast består av duoen Simon Lane og Lewis Brindley, andre medlemmer i Yogscast er blant annet Hannah Rutherford, Duncan Jones, Paul Sykes (også kalt Sjin) og Chris Lovasz ( også kalt Sips) Getting to this point had not been a two man job. They had received help from so many sources - Guildmates, friends, family and even complete strangers. Some of whom wanted help setting up their own YouTube channels, to which Lewis and Simon were only too happy to oblige. So The Yogscast started growing. Initially it was just the lovely Hannah, creative Duncan and magnificent Sips but soon.

Check out an entire wiki about YOGSCAST over at YOGSCAST Wiki.Find a dedicated community, comprehensive video summaries, and more! YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon is the main channel for the Yogscast and is run by Lewis Alan Brindley (born October 22nd, 1983 [age 36]) and Simon Charles Lane (born March 14th, 1978 [age 42]), both founders of the YouTube gaming group Yogscast Complete Pack is a modpack made for MC version 1.6.4 by the Resonant Rise team and is hosted by ATLauncher. It is considered to be a successor of the once popular YogCraft Pack hosted by FTB Launcher, which was considered to be a successor of the also previously popular YogBox.. Yogscast Complete Pack was originally based on Resonant Rise version with many Yogcast-only extra mods Leozaur, also known as Leo, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast and the queen of birbs. She has live-streamed survival video games such as Colony Survival with Lewis, Ravs, and Pedguin on the main Yogscast Twitch channel. She also frequently participate in the Yogscast art stream and stream games on her own Twitch channel Edit war on the Yogscast Wiki article for iSorrowproductions. YouTuber quill18 in 2015. Edit war on the Wikipedia article for Slough, UK. The Yogscast on the Yogscast Subreddit. Edit war on the Wikipedia article for Tesco. At 22:26, on the 6th of November, 2017, the Wikipedia article had a padlock added to end the edit war Lydia Ellery2 is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. She streams murder mystery video games with Lewis, retro games with Bouphe, and a Nuzlight3 Pokémon series with Harry on the main Yogscast Twitch channel. She has also recorded horror games with Angory Tom and video games based on board games with Hat Films on their respective YouTube channels. Before joining the Yogscast, Lydia worked.

As far as information goes, the Yogscast wiki seems pretty perfect. All the important stuff is linked in the navigation bar: You have community rules and discussion areas, links to all of the Yogscast staff, and links to all of the big Yogscast series. That's everything I'd want from a Yogscast wiki anyway~ Oh, and some of the content is hilarious Yogscast är en brittisk kanal på webbplatsen Youtube som skapar och publicerar videor där de i huvudsak spelar och kommenterar datorspel.Frontfigurerna i Yogscast består av duon Simon Lane och Lewis Brindley, andra medlemmar i Yogscast är bland annat Duncan Jones, Paul Sykes (Sjin) och Chris Lovasz (Sips) Yogscast Sjin is one of the streaming gamers who became a part of the Yogscast group in 2008. He started making YouTube videos on various games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft, and attracted strong interest to his content. He soon became a popular YouTuber and steadily garnered more viewers and subscribers in n The Yogscast, incorporated as Yogscast Ltd, are a group of YouTube broadcasters who produce gaming-related video content, focused around their main YouTube channel, YOGSCAST Lewis& Simon (formerly BlueXephos), with additional content syndicated through a wider network of YouTube channels. 700p Featuring a fresh but subtle Yogscast motif. Bodega Poster. Imagine a whole book on one poster, got it in yer noggin? Yeah well this isn't quite that, its about a quarter of the Bodega Book but it sure looks bloomin' nice! Yogs Pride

The Yogscast 유명 유튜브 스튜디오로, 2012년에는 영국 최초로 유튜브에서 총 10억의 조회수를 넘은 채널이다. 주로 PC 게임을 다루며, 마인크래프트를 필두로 인디 게임. 플래시 게임 등 다양한 게임 영상을 업로드한다. 마인크래프트 관련 동영상 업로더 중에서는 제일 유명하다고 해도 될 정도이며. The Yogscast r/ Yogscast. Join. Posts New Top. Wiki. Index FAQ Rules Discord & IRC Rules Social Media. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 228. pinned by moderators. Posted by. International Zylus Day! 5 days ago. Moderator of r/Yogscast. 2. Suggestions Megathread. December Livestreams. Yogscast Fanon Wiki This is a wiki dedicated to the community, where you can all create stories and scripts relating to the Yogscast and let other people see and comment! It's great for improving your writing skills and dedicating some time to writing about people you get entertainment from! This wiki has 16 articles and 24 files available since 30th March 2013! Check out the Community Stories.

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Hello and welcome to The Yogscast! We're a group of friends who love playing games and having a laugh. SCHEDULE: Mon: Gmod Build Tues/Thurs/Sat: Gmod TTT/Amo.. Check out an entire wiki about Sjin over at Sjin Wiki.Find a dedicated community, comprehensive video summaries, and more! Paul Byron Sykes (born: December 14, 1983 [age 36]), better known online as Sjin, is an English YouTube gamer and former member of the Yogscast. He is primarily known for his Minecraft related content, such as the series Magic Police with Duncan, Sjin's Farm with Lewis. Hello, and welcome to The Yogscast! | Streaming everyday with a huge range of hosts | Check out the full schedule here: https://schedule.yogscast.co

Civilization! Welcome to the Yogscast's Civilization channel. We thought we'd bring together all of our Civilization 5 series into one place for your viewing.. Search 1000s of wikis or start your own wiki free. all wikis wikipedia only people's wikis only encyclopedias only add a wiki search within your own wiki contact wiki.co It's Gmod TTT! A massive swarm of bees are attacking in Gmod TTT! FOREVER TRAITOOOOORRRR: https://Yogsca.st/ForeverTraitorsTee BECOME A MEMBER: https://w.. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det

Lewis And Simon (Yog Labs Fire) Poster. $14.25. QUICK VIE Buy official Yogscast T-shirts, posters hoodies and merchandise at the Yogscast store. Get merchandise for Lewis and Simon, Duncan, Sips, and Hat Films Watch all of Yogscast's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Find their latest Twitch Plays streams and much more right here

7.3k votes, 2.8k comments. Hi guys, Just to let you know I've stepped down as CEO of the Yogscast. When I recently said we expected the highest Watch me play Minecraft and do science! Videos out every day at 6:30pm GMT. My Minecraft content usually features Minecraft mods from technical mod packs. I.

Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay This article is a stub. You can help Yogventures Wiki by expanding it. These people are your gods. Worship them in the name of Lewis, Simon and the holy Jaffa! Contents[show] The Yogscast are universally recognized as one of the most intellectually tantalizing, visually sumptuous, orgastically.. This Wiki is the complete reference site for Yogcast's Minecraft series, specifically the Sol series with the original, Survival Island, and Shadow of Israphel. Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it

The Yogscast is group of Youtubers founded by Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. Their group consists of Youtubers who play Minecraft videos and many other games. They have been responsible for uploading Form this Way and helped produce and sing Screw The Nether along side Martyn Littlewood. It is currently the largest British-base YouTube network, and has accumulated millions of subscribers You may be interested in The Yogscast Wiki. The Yogscast , incorporated as Yogscast Ltd , are a group of YouTube broadcasters who produce gaming-related video content, focused around their main YouTube channel, YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon (formerly BlueXephos), with additional content syndicated through a wider network of YouTube channels (the Polaris Network)

Two British gamers, Lewis and Simon (aka Xephos and Honeydew), making gameplay videos, adding funny (and often unrelated) audio commentary and posting them on their YouTube page. They are sometimes joined by their friend Hannah (Lomadia) as well as other World of Warcraft guild mates. Starting their YouTube channel in July 2008, they have celebrated achieving 1 million subscribers on YouTube. The Yogscast are a group of Bristol-based YouTube broadcasters that produce gaming-related video content, focused around their main YouTube channel BlueXephos, with additional content syndicated through a wider network of YouTube channels. Although initially gaining popularity with videos about the MMO World of Warcraft, videos about the sandbox game Minecraft brought the channel to widespread.

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A while ago, the game was made more popular by the famous LP/gaming collective Yogscast, as they made a let's play video of the game on their extremely popular channel. It had hundreds of thousands of views, garnering significant interest in the game, and driving it to become one of the most popular pre-release games on the Desura digital distribution platform in early January 2012. You can. Yogscast Minecraft Wiki:Administrators. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions. Contents. Hat Films is an English comedy and gaming YouTube channel comprising Ross Hornby, Alex Smith and Chris Trott. Since 2014, they have been part of The Yogscast network.. Whilst they are best known for creating several official Minecraft trailers, their gaming and vlog content makes up the majority of their channel, including games such as Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and Rust Yogscast IRL Simon Lane. Endearing and simple minded, Simon's hammy and chaotic personality make him a perfect Foil to Lewis. A red oni and a Man of a Thousand Voices, he often acts quite silly and childish.His unpredictable nature never ceases to keep his fans laughing

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  1. Yogscast Lewis is a self proclaimed cyber terrorist who voluntarily lives within the Minecraft Realm. He has yet to commit any real crimes so he is ignored by all known law enforcement. He is also so sad and pitiful that nobody wants to stop him because they feel so bad for him. He has for many..
  2. ent faction on Barry's server. They had both a northern base and a southern base, and access to significant amounts of resources. Often times they were seen aiding the Mafia in defense, or in raids, with resounding success. It is unknown who it is led by. Not much is currently known about how the ORCS were founded. Shortly after the server had begun, the ORCS were already.
  3. g-related video content, focused around their main YouTube channel, YOGSCAST Lewis& Simon (also known.
  4. Other people have joined the Yogscast since the group first started, back when Simon and Lewis played World of Warcraft. These people include Martyn Littlewood, Zoey Proasheck, Sips and Sjin aswell as Area 11. You can find out more about the Yogscast by visiting the Yogscast Wiki. Fan-fiction (Fanon) Stories; Script
  5. TPS Chipper was a male survivor and member of the Tiny Penis Society on Barry's server. TPS Chipper was first seen when SarahNightmare went past him
  6. The Yogscast r/ Yogscast. Join. Posts New Top. Wiki. Index FAQ Rules Discord & IRC Rules Social Media. Name Twitter Twitch Reddit Subreddit Youtube Discord; Yogscast: Yogscast: Yogscast: Harvey-J-Yogscast: Yogscast: BlueXephos: Yogscast or /r/Yogscast: Lewis: YogscastLewis: Yogscast: LewisXephos---BlueXephos---Simon
  7. Orc Central Command: Yogscast Community Server 1 Edit 40-year old man plays games Rust 4 Edit 40-year old man plays games Rust 5 Edit April 22 Edit Rust: Mafia, The Family Part 1 Edit. Raid on Parthia. The Mafia successfully raid Parthia, killing two of its residents and gaining a huge amount of resources

The Yogscast is comprised of several giants of the YouTube video publication community. They are, in no particular order of significance: Lewis Brindley (who is primarily responsible for the characters Xephos and Zephos), Simon Lane (who is primarily responsible for the characters Honeydew and Honeybeard) and Hannah (who is known for the character Lomadia), and Duncan (who is most well known. Official Yogscast Wiki YOGWIKI. Join Group. STEAM GROUP Official Yogscast Wiki YOGWIKI. 109 MEMBERS. 3. TBH I prefer Tom & Simon's videos to the main channel stuff anyways. I wish the Yogscast would do more series like Whale Lords, but they've stopped that sort of video due to the poor revenue rather than because of Simon. level 2. 3 points · 1 year ago

Zoey Proasheck is a member of the Yogscast. Zoey has reddish-brownish hair and blue eyes. She wears a gray T-shirt, black jeans, and brown boots. She also wears a red cape Each member of the Yogscast has their own instrument associated with them, and these respective instruments are used in their theme music. Yogscast Image Instruments Lewis - Piano, Simon - Military-style drum beat, Sijin -, Duncan - Keyboard, Sips - Synth-bass, Hannah - Violin, Martyn - Guitar..

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Official Yogscast WIki Server | Site Info | Community website. Home. Forums. Members. Recruitment. Events. Gallery. Chat Room. Contact Us. Site Activity. Shoutbox . Due to Google Adsense Policy, HTML & Shoutbox modules are disabled on the Free Plan. Upgrade to enable. Group Pay for this website!. Gloi was a male member of the Tiny Penis Society on Barry's server. Nothing is known of Gloi's past, but he was first seen when CaffCast found the society's base YOGSCAST Kim is a houseguest from YouTuber Big Brother 1. She appeared in YouTuber Big Brother Heroes.vs. Villains for a Vampire-themed Special. Early on, Kim stayed neutral to the both sides of the house, building friendships from both sides. She also did not win competitions, making her look..

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stacyplays.fandom.co For examples related to the Yogscast's Minecraft series, go here. In episode 30a of the YoGPoD , there's an anecdote about Lewis and Hannah noticing that Simon had been a bit down lately and taking him for a nice day out to a mall--which just happens to be hosting a Star Wars autograph session with Warwick Davis and Tim Rose SIPS or Sips may refer to any of the following: . Secure Session Initiation Protocol transported over TCP/TLS; Side Impact Protection System; SIPS surgery, a type of bariatric surgery; Smart Inorganic Polymers; Spina iliaca posterior superior; Structural insulated panel; Super-IPS TFT LCD panel type, a more advanced version of the IPS LCD Panels. Developed by Hitachi Ltd Simon Lane, born March 14, 1978, is a founding member of the Yogscast, alongside Lewis Brindley. Lewis and Simon began making YouTube videos in late 2008, starting with World of Warcraft How-to guides, starring a number of their fellow guildmates. While these videos were initially intended to be serious strategy guides, they soon devolved into humerous rants and ramblings. In February 2009. Promoted Fanboy: Despite being a general gaming channel, the Yogscast are almost universally known as the Minecraft channel : Notch, the creator of Minecraft, frequently tweets about the Yogscast's Minecraft videos, and at Games Con 2011 they officially represented Minecraft. Simon even got to..

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124k Followers, 86 Following, 546 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lewis at the Yogscast (@yogscast The Yogscast is a sub-network of the Polaris network; it is comprised of 20 members including, Simon Lane (Honeydew), Lewis Brindley (Xephos), Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia), Duncan Jones (Lalna), Paul Sykes (Sjin), and Chris Lovasz (Sips). BlueXephos, the main Yogscast channel, is one of the largest channels in the Polaris network and have frequently took part in network-wide collaborations.

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Jelle Van Vucht (born:October 14, 1996 (1996-10-14) [age 24]), better known online asJelly, is a Dutch YouTuber known for hisgaming and vlogging videos. He is a member of a small YouTube group called Robust who mainly plays GTA V, Human Fall Flat, Gang Beasts, Scrap Mechanic, Garry's Mod, Golf It.Robust also have done Q&A videos. Everyone in the group owns at least one channel.Now he just. Welcome to the wiki! Season 7 • Hermits • Hermitcraft • Hermitcraft Recap • Map Downloads • Wiki's Discord All Hermits • Former Hermits Join our wiki contributors Discord server Report an issue with the homepage Hermitcraft is whitelisted Minecraft Server started in April 2012 by Generikb. They have had several vanilla and modded series. Hermitcraft is currently in its seventh. Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder; About; Irl Yogscast Members (2) In Game Characters (4) All :video_game: Yogscast :video_game: 607 Members . I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t and I have the balls! Join Now Create Post . Public Chatrooms . More Communities. Hat Films. Minecraft This characters page contains the real life members of the Yogscast (who just happen to act exactly like they do in their Lets Plays and Minecraft series) and the characters of the Shadow of Israphel series, as well as other characters from their Yogscast Minecraft Series.Please note that while certain tropes apply for their character personas, they do not apply for real life and vice versa

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  1. Everything about the Yogscast. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Minecraft Music Wiki. 147 Pages. Add new page. Community. Recent blog posts Forum.
  2. Yogscast-Followers is a group dedicated to the Youtubers group named Yogscast. The group is mainly just to collect fan art. See also Group Information Name Yogscast-Followers Founder zeldawerwolfvian Creation date June 21, 2011 Location Global Group Focus Fan Clu
  3. Main article: Yogscast. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon
  4. Help with this wiki! Yogbox is a big box of mods with a lot of content. Help this wiki and create and improve articles! Articles that need improving and a todo list can be found in the Community Portal.. Before you start editing please read the Getting Started guide
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  1. g channel. Originally the web designer and first making his appearance in a Yo G Po D, where he was repeatedly called up by Simon and Lewis in what resulted in a narrowly avoided Sipsgate, he made a few appearances before he created his own channel. Popular series include An Evening With... where he plays a new.
  2. Hey, Dragon here. This is going to be a short lore series on Minecraft. I will do this when I can. So, lets start. In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void. It was empty, nothing could live there. But, somehow, two beings where born into the Void. Notch, god of light, and his brother Herobrine, god of darkness. They found they had power, and began to experiment. But all of the.
  3. Category:Yogscast | The YoGPoD Wiki | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. YoGPoD Wiki. 168 Pages. Add new page. YoGPoD Episodes. 1-10. Snowcast; Sipsgate; Na na na.
  4. Yogscast Complete Plus is a Modpack that is a (not so) Faithful Recreation Of the Yogscast Complete Modpack in Minecraft 1.7.10. this modpack is designed to provide for a myriad of different playstiles from magic with Ars Magica 2 to tech with Mekanism all mixing together.. there is even a competative nature to the modpack with both teams being able to fight their way to space through.
  5. Yogscast. From Team Fortress Wiki < Yogscast. Jump to: navigation, search. Yogscast voi viitata: Kultainen sydän, kampanjallinen kosmeettinen esine kaikille luokille. Honeydew'n valloittava virnistys, kampanjallinen kosmeettinen esine kaikille luokille. Jingle Jam, hyväntekeväisyysohjelma
  6. Yogscast cuts ties with Matthew 'Caff' Meredith after sexual harassment allegations Meredith's entire mod team abandons him as eight victims come forward in three days. James Batchelor
  7. Yogscast Wiki Stories. Follow. Focus: General All Categories, Since: 05-10-13. Founder: Dragonofelder - Stories: 4 - Followers: 0 - id: 107635 Every week a story from this community will be chosen to be put in the Yogscast wiki newsletter. The stories must contain the Yogscast, and Jaffa cakes
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  1. GameChap (Sometimes called AdamChap due to his real name being possibly Adam) is the main man of sorts hailing from London. His Youtube channel, Adamzonetopmarks, is his base of operations.While he is mostly known for his Minecraft videos, he occasionally also plays other games such as Super Mario Bros games, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and The Elder.
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  3. During Granny_Bacon's funeral, Simon is absolutely heartbroken.Lewis feels sorry for his old pal, and gives him a hug. He later continues to help him get through the whole ordeal. In Part 31, the duo are told of a prisoner being kept at Stoneholm, and end up taking their time to save him, discussing how they'll save the day and get help from whoever they save
  4. Yogscast může odkazovat na: Heart of Gold, propagační, kosmetický předmět pro všechny třídy. Honeydew's Charitable Countenance, propagační, kosmetický předmět pro všechny třídy. Jingle Jam,charitativní akci. Thought that Counts, propagační, kosmetický předmět pro všechny třídy
  5. Jingle Jam is an annual live streamed charity event hosted by the Yogscast on Humble Bundle. It is hosted throughout December, with the intention of raising money for charity. Several of the bundles have featured in-game medals, obtainable by donating certain amounts to the drive
  6. Another Yogscast content creator has left the company following an investigation into inappropriate conduct. Yogscast founder Lewis Brindley announced today that the company is parting ways with.
  7. Welcome to the Gagfilms Wiki, the free encyclopedia about The Annoying Orange, Kool Aid Killer and other Daneboe shorts. We currently have 419 pages since our launch in June, 2010. Enjoy This Wiki! Welcome to the Gagfilms Wiki, the free encyclopedia about The Annoying Orange, Kool Aid Killer and..
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Category:Yogscast | Digital Haunt Wiki | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Digital Haunt Wiki. 212 Pages. Add new page. General. Key Themes. Echoplane; Cassandra; Recurring. This article doesn't contain enough information. If you know anything about InTheLittleWood, FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE YOGSCAST, PLEASE VISIT THE YOGSCAST WIKI. Martyn Littlewood (born April 7, 1990 (1990-04-07) [age 30]), known online as InTheLittleWood also known as YOGSCAST Martyn, is an English content producer for the Yogscast best known for his Let's Plays of Minecraft, Ni No Kuni, and.

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Wiki Activity Monitor (WAM) Score is an indicator of the strength and momentum of a FANDOM community. The WAM is calculated daily for the top 5,000 wiki sites and includes an overall rank, a vertical rank, and a score from 0 to 100 Yogscast. Category page. Create. Classic editor Talk (0) Trending pages. Yogscast. latest (554×825 Media in category The Yogscast The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total. ChrisLovasz.png 296 × 556; 259 KB. Yogscast win at the Oxfam JustGiving Awards 2012.jpg 4,000 × 2,248; 1.45 MB. YogscastBlizzCon.jpg 776 × 451; 133 KB 4 Nov - After yesterdays day of excitement, today we are back in the new FTB office, chilling out and painting. Come chat w https://t.co/nqBKN6nYE

All songs by the Yogscast. All songs by the Yogscast. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Minecraft Music Wiki. 173 Pages. Add new page. Community. Recent blog posts. latest (678×987 Drew Durnil is a YouTuber who is 26-years old. He has also mentioned he was born in Montgomery, Alabama (US) but currently lives in Los Angeles, California (US). Drew's content ranges from geography-based games to commentary and other stuff related. Drew currently has 637k subscribers on YouTube Before Wiki's Creation, SonicWhacker55 is the YouTube channel where Reece Quansah, founder of the channel, makes entertainment videos.These video use plushies of various SEGA characters from the Sonic franchise, having adventures in the civilized world latest (1024×576

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