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Townie Go! 8D EQ 2020 model Updated: 6 months ago Review: Electra Vale Go! Updated: 8 months ago Townie Go 8i on order Updated: 8 months ago Different handlebars? Updated: 1 year ago New Townie Go! 7D $1500 Updated: 1 year ag Det finnes ingen norske tredjeparts tester av modellen Townie Commute Go. Som amerikas mest solgte sykkel flere år på rad, har Electra gjennom årene blitt testet grundig i flere amerikanske medier. Vi syns denne videoen fra Electric Bike Review gir et bra bilde av sykkelens egenskaper Electra Townie GO! 7D is one of the cheapest and simplest e-bikes you can get. This bike costs $1,500, which is not a lot in terms of e-bikes. Townie GO! 7D is powered by a 250W Bosch rear hub motor combined with a Bosch 309Wh battery Electra Townie Go! 8D Step-Thru 2019: bike review Hello! I want to introduce you new bike - Electra Townie Go! 8D Step-Thru 2019 year edition. - Bosch Active..

Electra Townie Path Go! 10D har vist seg å være en fryd å bruke i byen. Du sitter oppreist, og ikke minst godt på det digre setet med støtabsorberende elastomer, så du får god oversikt over forholdene rundt deg, noe som er kjempeviktig ved sykling i bymiljøer https://electricbikereview.com/electra/townie-go/ The best Electra Townie Go! design I've tested to date, better weight distribution, increased efficiency an.. Hi! I am currently trying to decide between the Townie Electra Go 10d and the 5i. As the 5i is a new model, I am having trouble finding reviews on it. I know that the only difference (besides the price) is that the 10d is a derailleur model with 10 speeds, and the 5i has an internal gear model.. Electra made its name with cruisers that combined an old-school aesthetic with a modern execution and creative geometry. Now, with the Townie Go!, Electra has electrified its smooth-rolling machines https://electricbikereview.com/electra/townie-commute-go-8i/ The Electra Townie Commute Go! 8i is a feature-rich electric bike that blends commuting utility.

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https://electricbikereview.com/electra/townie-path-go-10d-eq/ The Electra Townie Path Go! 10D EQ is a premium cruiser style ebike that comes feature complete.. I just looked at the Electra Townie 7D, I am 5'3″ tall and older. I tried a Cruise 26″ wheel and could not handle the high bar, needed to go back to the pass thru. Still have my apprehension on the sizing. Wonder if you have any suggestions. The reviews are better on the Electra, then on some of the other bikes. Regards, LTeplit The Townie Go! 8i has a frame-mounted Bosch mid-drive system, rather than a hub engine, which has four levels of support: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo with a top speed of 15mph (25kmh) FULL REVIEW: Electra Townie 7D. Electra Townie is a range of some of the best-selling cruiser bikes in the USA. If you're asking why, the reason is smart and simple utilitarian design. It offers you three model lines with dependable Shimano components, plenty of gears, and rim brakes. They're called Original / EQ, Path, and Commute Ian and Pancho break down the Electra Townie Go options from the entry level 7D to the full featured Commute 8i and the ever popular 8D

Electra Townie Go! 7D electric bike review 2020 - Inside

Electra Bicycle Company was founded in Vista, California in 1993 and is credited with re-popularizing cruiser style bicycles in the United States. Their products emphasize comfort and fun with relaxed riding positions and colorful frames and accessories. The founder Benno Bänziger felt that cycling was often viewed as a sport in the US instead of just fun or basic transportation The Electra Townie 7D will appeal if you're looking for something a bit different for flattish cruising around town. At £375 you don't need a second mortgage to own one and it's good fun around town, but compromised climbing position and a tendency to ship its long chain mark it down a bit The Electra Townie Go! 7D is a simple Class 1 electric beach cruiser. This bike has a classic look with a relaxed, comfortable, upright body position and a smooth, steady, and calm ride quality. The rear cargo rack stealthily houses a 309Wh battery pack that powers the 250W rear hub motor Anmeldt produkt:Electra Townie Path Go! 10D Elsykkel Lavt innsteg Margrete Raaum 14.05.2020 Jeg har en kolonihage, men det har vært litt vanskelig å komme seg dit spesielt i disse coronatider hvor jeg må holde meg langt unna offentlig transport

Electra Bicycle Company Townie 21 Hybrid Bike user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 91 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.co Electra Townie Path Go! Review: An Expensive Starter E-Bike. 5 min read May 8, 2020. If an ebike's motor is powerful enough to haul 300 pounds of unwieldy person, metal, and cargo up a steep hill, it's quiet, the assistance feels natural, and it allows for a huge variety of cadence and torque variations over different terrain, then congrats. Electra Townie Path Go! Review: An Expensive Starter E-Bike. 0. If an ebike's motor is powerful enough to haul 300 pounds of unwieldy person, metal, and cargo up a steep hill, it's quiet, the assistance feels natur. How to Suspend Your Phone Service to Save Money (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint Electra Townie Path Go 10D Våren 2020 begynte min undersøkelse på hva som lå på markedet av El-sykler, da jeg ble sterkt anbefalt en slik, kontra vanlig sykkel med bare gir. Jeg var innom sportsbutikker og prøvde elsykler, men fikk raskt erfare at disse modellene ikke var for mitt bruk The Townie Go! is fitted with the unobtrusive SRAM E-matic drive. You have to look carefully to see that the Go! is anything but a cruiser with a very nice finish. As rear-hub drives go, the 250-watt SRAM is very compact. A wire runs from the hub to the battery semi-hidden in the fully functional rear rack

Townie Go 8D er en komfortabel elsykkel. Den er utstyrt med Bosch Active Line motor, 8 gir, skivebrems og 26 hjul med ballongdekk. Det er god rekkevidde og nok drakraft for variert sykling i by eller på landevei. Den er ordentlig fin, og DU er like fin underveis, som etter at du har kommet frem Townie Commute Go er en komfortabel elsykkel. Det er vår absolutte bestselger og en av syklene vi får best tilbakemeling på. Den er utstyrt med kraftig Bosch motor, 8 gir, skivebrems, 28 hjul, lys, rammelås, dobbel støtte og bagasjebrett foran og bak. Det er god rekkevidde og nok drakraft for alle Electra Bicycle Company Townie 3 Rigid Hybrid Bike user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - 7 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.co Go to the market. Go to the beach. Go get coffee. The Townie Go! 5i is an easy-to-use, fun-to-ride, pedal-assist e-bike with surprising power that'll make you want to go forever. With the Bosch Active Line System and Electra's Flat Foot Technology, climb hills and shorten distances with ease. It's impossible not to smile while riding a Townie Go

And in my experience, Electra provides that with the Townie line. We'll try to come back with a full review of the Townie Go! 7D if we can get our hands on one. But from my experience with the rest of Electra's bike and the Townie line specifically, this is likely going to be a good bang for your buck e-bike Das Electra Townie GO! macht nicht nur durch sein Giftgrün und die Rahmenform auf sich aufmerksam. Auch der überraschend stark abgestimmte Motor sorgt für Eindruck. Im Sattel sitzt der Fahrer sehr entspannt, entsprechend gemütlich gibt sich das Electra Townie GO! im Handling The Townie Go uses Electra Townie branded aluminum alloy wheels that are strong enough to comfortably hold the rider's weight. The rear wheel features thicker 13-gauge spokes that provide extra strength for the rear rack, motor, as well as the pedaling drivetrain The 2016 Electra Townie Go! Bike is a pedal-assist bike with surprising power. The extra boost kicks in when you need it to help you conquer hills and long distances without breaking a sweat Review: The Electra Townie For the female frame you could always go with a rear rack mounted battery, but if you can make a custom mount to put it the middle of the bike, it will greatly improve the handling. I've never liked having my battery over the rear wheel

Electra is leading the ebike revolution in the U.S. with not one, but two new electric bikes, the new Townie Commute Go and Loft Go models The Townie Go! 8i offers the best smileage in its class and features Electra's Flat Foot Technology®, which provides absolute comfort and control. Studies show that e-bike riders ride three times more often and three times longer than traditional bike riders Electra Townie 3i Review My husband is really to pay, but compared to a recumbent, they were quite cheap. I went over to a Infinity Cycles who happened to have the Electra Townie 3i and it was on sale. What I liked: I could put my feet I usually can't get out of first gear pulling her, but the trailer isn't supposed to go very fast. Townie® Go! is a battery-powered, pedal assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. The ninja quiet Bosch Performance System offers four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode, allowing you to flatten hills and shorten commutes depending on how much leg work you're willing to put in. Multi-gear functionality lets you control output and battery life Ramme: Aluminium-alloy. Townie Go! 6061-T6, Flat Foot Technology. Gaffel: Hi-Ten steel unicrown, rett/konisk. Headset: 1 1/8 steel gjenget/semi-integrert. Bremser: Front: Shimano roller brake aluminium-alloy, 36H Bak: Shimano roller brake aluminium-alloy, 36H. Felg: Aluminium-alloy. Electra lakkert, farge som matcher sykkelen, 36H

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Electra Townie XL Bicycle Saddle (Black) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Discover your next great ride with Townie Go! 8D Step-Thru. See the bike and visit your local Trek retailer. Shop now The Townie Path Go! 10D EQ features a Bosch Performance Line motor, fully integrated PowerTube 500W battery and Bosch SmartphoneHub controller. A 10-speed derailleur provides a wide range of gears while Bontrager 27.5 puncture-resistant tires, powerful hydraulic disc brakes and a Townie comfort gel saddle guarantee a smooth ride on any terrain Townie Go! The Electra Townie Go! line features a collection of e-bikes that are easy to use and fun to ride with surprising power that will make you want to go forever. Not only are they simple and intuitive, but the legendary comfort, control and style of the original Townie creates an e-bike experience everybody will love Se beste pris på Electra Townie GO 8i. Sammenlign priser. Les tester og omtaler før du kjøper. Specs: Hydraulisk skivebrems, 8stk gi

The versatile Townie Path Go! 10D EQ is the e-bike designed for riders looking to explore more and have fun doing it. Featuring the newest technology paired with the sleek design of an in-tube battery, it truly is the next evolution of premium e-bikes. While this is a more rugged bike, it's still a Townie making it comfortable and easy to ride With 4 levels of pedal-assist power that will make you want to double or triple the length of your ride, the Electra Townie GO! 8i electric bike is easy to use and fun to ride The Townie Go! 8D EQ is a solid choice for those who want to go farther, faster and funner on this easy-to-use ride. The tech you get The Townie Go! 8D EQ features a quiet Bosch Active Line Gen 3 250W motor with a top assisted speed of 20 mph, and is complete with the Purion display

The Electra Townie GO! 8i has a few more features compared to the 8D model. The 8i comes with rack and fenders, a front light and an ABUS frame lock keyed to match the battery lock. The 8i also features hydraulic disc brakes which has better stopping power compared to the mechanical disc brakes on the 8D Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Electra Townie Alloy Rack (Black, 26-Inch) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Electra Bicycle Company Townie 8 Hybrid Bike user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - 5 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - roadbikereview.co

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townie ® go! | electra e-bike. electraは人々を笑顔にする自転車を作ることを常に目指してきました。 それはbosch社製モーターユニットを搭載した電動自転車townie®go!の開発においても同様です Amazon's Choice for electra townie accessories Bike Mirror Rotatable And Adjustable Wide Angle Rear View Shockproof Convex Mirror Universal For Bike Bicycle 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,49 Brand: Electra, Product: Townie Commute Go! Go! to work. Go! to the gym. Go! the long way home. Townie Commute Go! is a battery-powered, pedal-assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat

Review: $1,499 Townie Go! 7D e-bike is a fun, attractive

TOWNIE GO! 5i EQ The Townie Go! 5i has all the panache of the original Townie, with the power and performance of Bosch behind it. It boasts the Shimano Nexus Inter-5E Hub which is specifically designed to handle the power of an e-bike motor and makes changing gears seamless The Electra company is most well known for their Townie line of frames, which uses their feet forward posture. Last year they retailed a factory electric version with a 2-speed hubmotor. This year they have upgraded that option with the well-known Bosch mid drive. _____ The Original 2015 Townie Go Nye Townie Commute GO! er en perfekt el-sykkel. Både sadel og styre kan heves, senkes og tiltes slik at det passer deg. Du sitter bedre og tryggere på en Electra Townie sykkel. Sykkelmerket Electra er amerikansk, og har eksistert i en mannsalder

Handle the rigors of the road on this Electra Townie Commute 8D bike. It comes with loads of commuter-friendly features like a bell, Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Through Electric Bike $1,500.00 (2) 8 reviews with an average rating of 3.75 out of 5 stars. $79.95. Electra. Townie Original Bike Tire. The Electra Townie Go! 7D benefits from an electric pedal assist system that retains the feel of a Townie beach 4. Electra Townie Go! 7D electric bike review 2020 - Inside

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  1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Electra Townie Silver Alloy Rack (24- Inch) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  2. um Fender Set (24- Inch) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users
  3. Townie Commute Go! is a battery-powered, pedal-assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. The comfort and control of Townie's Flat Foot Technology combined with the Bosch Performance System offers four levels of power support from Eco to Turbo mode, allowing you to tackle your commute with ease
  4. - Get up and Go! with the Hydrive Rear Hub Motor. - Monitor your level of power support and battery charge easily with the Hydrive LED Display. - Customize your ride with a basket, bell, or maybe even some valve caps. Go wild. - The Townie Go! 7D wraps quality, comfort, and value in Electra's signature style
  5. The Townie bike is one of Electra's most popular bikes. The Townie is equipped with patented Flat Foot Technology, a smart technology that gives you more comfort and control. The Flat Foot Technology provides a relaxed, upright seating position with the proper leg extension so you can plant both feet firmly onto the ground whenever you want without dismounting your bicycle

Summer traffic is back — Electra Townie Go! 5i is the solution. Go to the market. Go to the beach. Go get coffee. The stylish Electra Townie Go! 5i pedal-assist bike is super intuitive and ridiculously fun to ride. Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz, Aptos and Monterey has this electric bike in stock Review: Electra Townie Path Go! Adrienne So May 8, 2020 Gear , Reviews Leave a comment 290 Views This premium ebike is a classy, spendy experience with top-of-the-line efficiency

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Electra Townie Go! Review. Sports Articles | March 2, 2017. The 2016 Electra Townie Go! changed from utilizing a SRAM center point engine and back mounted battery pack to the Bosch Centerdrive which is better in basically every way Electra, a US nationwide brand with representation in local bike stores, specializes in cruiser bikes and the laid-back lifestyle. The Cafe Moto Go! model is their foray into a high-end cafe racer. Electra Bosch paired e-bike. Electrically, the Vale Go! is equipped with a fantastic Bosch Active Line Plus system.The Active line motor is a great little motor. While it's not the powerhouse. Electra has come out with a new model of the popular Townie Go! Model, the Townie Go! 8i. The original model, an easy to use, pedal assist bike consists of a system that kicks in immediately when you start pedaling to give you that extra boost. The pedal assist along with Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology, makes these fun, stylish bikes.

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The Townie will be your best bet. I have 2 in my garage. A 24speed and a 21 Speed Electra Townies. My wife had a trek but when she tried the townie, she bought one. The flat foot technology that Electra claims, really works. You get good leg extension yet your feet can be flat on the ground for those frequent stops Saving Electra Townie GO! Bike - 2014 Review Compare. Saving Frye - Jenny Messenger (Burnt Red Soft Vintage Leather) - Bags and Luggage Review Buy. Saving Louis Garneau Course Superleggera Bib Short - Men's Review Offer. Saving Mountain Hardwear Optic 2.5 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season Review Offer.

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Brand: Electra, Product: Townie Commute Go! Step-Thru. Go! to work. Go! to the gym. Go! the long way home. Townie Commute Go! is a battery-powered, pedal-assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat Review: Electra Townie Commute Go! October 11, 2017 August 16, 2018 by Cycling The 6ix , posted in Cycling The 6ix , Test Rides Again, a special e-bike has been dropped off at our Canary District store for display and demos (what's with Canary getting all the e-bike goodies, is it because they have the loudest chirp? lol) so I get an email from Michael who gives me the lowdown Sammenlign priser på Electra Townie Commute Go! 8i 2019 (Elsykkel) Elsykle Electra Townie custom ergo kraton w/ alloy locking collars Stem Forged alloy 25.4 mm quill, 80 mm extension Brakes Front/rear: Shimano hydraulic disc brakes Saddle Selle royal Electra gel comfort saddle w/ shock-absorbing elastomers Seatpost Alloy micro-adjust 27.2 mm x 400 mm Accessories & Extra

We Have Electra Bikes For Sale To Meet Your Budget Or Riding Style! Shop For A New Electra Townie Go EBike Or Cruiser Today And Get Rolling In Comfort And Style. Always Free In Store Pickup With its Bosch mid-drive system the Electra Townie Go! electric bike is a modern take on a classic retro bicycle. This is a fun and easy ride - a step through frame that is very comfortable to ride with its balloon tyres, spring saddle and hand stitched grips. Designed to sit quite upright you can breeze along on a hot day with the help of the smooth power assistance Electra Townie Go! 8d Dame. 21.900 kr inkl. MVA. På butikken. På tur. På caféen. Electra Townie Go! er lette og morsome. Med rammer for ultimat komfort og kontroll. Størrelse: Farge: Batteri Nullstill . Electra Townie Go! 8d Dame antall. Kjøp. Varenummer: EL-568480. Electra Townie Path Go! 5i EQ. 39.990 kr inkl. MVA. Townie Path Go er elsyklistens elsykkel. High-tech og allsidig. Stilig og komfortabel. Drevet av Bosch Performance Line og med Shimano sit 5-delte navgir (spesiallagat for elsykkel), kan denne elsykkelen sykle overalt

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Electra Townie: An innovative urban commuter model2013 Electra Townie Go Review | ElectricBikeReviewElectra Townie Go! 2015 - Specifications | Reviews | ShopsElectra rolls out $1,499 electric version of its most
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