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Translation — nh3 — from english — — 1. ammonia (nitrogen compound produced when nitrogen is removed from a petroleum fraction by hydrotreating) NH3 Specific volume (v), specific internal energy (u), enthalpy (h), and entropy (s) of saturated and superheated ammonia - NH 3 - also known as refrigerant 717.For full table with Specific Entropy and Superheated Properties - rotate the screen Nh3 synonyms, Nh3 pronunciation, Nh3 translation, English dictionary definition of Nh3. n. 1. A colorless, pungent gas, NH3, extensively used to manufacture fertilizers and a wide variety of nitrogen-containing organic and inorganic chemicals.

Contextual translation of nh3 into English. Human translations with examples: nh3, slip, nh3;, ammonia, nh3 ammonia, 6 % (as nh3), ammonia level, ammonia (nh3) Contextual translation of nh3 into English. Human translations with examples: ≤ 0005, (mg/l nh3), 6 % (as nh3), ammonia (nh3) Ammonium cation is found in a variety of salts such as ammonium carbonate, ammonium chloride and ammonium nitrate.Most simple ammonium salts are very soluble in water. An exception is ammonium hexachloroplatinate, the formation of which was once used as a test for ammonium.The ammonium salts of nitrate and especially perchlorate are highly explosive, in these cases ammonium is the reducing agent ››NH3 molecular weight. Molar mass of NH3 = 17.03052 g/mol This compound is also known as Ammonia.. Convert grams NH3 to moles or moles NH3 to grams. Molecular weight calculation: 14.0067 + 1.00794* NH3 slip in English translation and definition NH3 slip, Dictionary English-English online. NH3 slip. Example sentences with NH3 slip, translation memory. patents-wipo

Ammoniakk har den kjemiske betegnelsen NH 3 og er en fargeløs, giftig gass med stikkende lukt.Ammoniakk er dessuten en base, og en dipol.Gassen er brennbar, men vanskelig antennelig. Ammoniakk har et frysepunkt på −77,7 °C og et kokepunkt på −33,4 °C ved et trykk på én atmosfære.Gassen lar seg komprimere til væske, og så godt som all transport av ammoniakk foregår i væsketilstand Preparation of ammonia. Pure ammonia was first prepared by English physical scientist Joseph Priestley in 1774, and its exact composition was determined by French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet in 1785. Ammonia is consistently among the top five chemicals produced in the United States NH3: [amō′nē·a/] Etymology: Gk, ammoniakos, salt of Ammon, Egyptian god a colorless pungent gas produced by the decomposition of nitrogenous organic matter. Some of its many uses are as a fertilizer, an aromatic stimulant, a detergent, and an emulsifier

dict.cc English-Norwegian Dictionary: Translation for ammoniakk [NH3 Looking for online definition of NH3 or what NH3 stands for? NH3 is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar ammoniak [NH3] translation in German - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'Ammonit',Ammann',Ammonshorn',Am', examples, definition, conjugatio dict.cc English-Norwegian Dictionary: Translation for [NH3] Norwegian-English online dictionary (Engelsk-norsk (Bokmål) ordbok) developed to help you share your knowledge with others

Translations in context of ammoniak [NH3 in German-English from Reverso Context nh3 pronunciation - How to properly say nh3. Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents English for Business I må være bestått før man kan ta English for Business II. Krav til forkunnskaper. Det kreves gode norskkunnskaper for å ta dette kurset. Krav til kursgodkjenning. Obligatorisk deltakelse i 75 % av undervisningen

Many translated example sentences containing nh3 - Italian-English dictionary and search engine for Italian translations Norwegian Translation for Ammoniak NH3 - dict.cc English-Norwegian Dictionar

Italian Translation for ammonia [NH3] - dict.cc English-Italian Dictionar Traduzioni in contesto per NH3 in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: The most important waste product is ammonia (NH3) Italian Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Italian Dictionar Spanish Translation for ammonia [NH3] - dict.cc English-Spanish Dictionar Portuguese Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Portuguese Dictionar

Polish Translation for ammonia [NH3] - dict.cc English-Polish Dictionar NH3 slip translation in English-Polish dictionary. en To keep the emissions of NH3 slip (due to unreacted ammonia) from the flue-gases as low as possible taking into account the correlation between the NOx abatement efficiency and the NH3 sli Ammonia (nh3) in English A pungent colorless gaseous compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that is very soluble in water and can easily be condensed into a liquid by cold and pressure. Ammonia reacts with NOx to form ammonium nitrate -- a major PM2.5 component in the Western United States

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Calculate online thermodynamic and transport properties of ammmonia based on industrial formulation (formulated in Helmholtz energy) for advanced technical applications Serbian-English dictionary. nh3. Interpretation Translation  nh3 • ammonia. Serbian-English dictionary. 2013. nh2cl; nh4oh; Look at other dictionaries: NH3 — Strukturformel Allgemeines Name Ammoniak Andere Namen Azan R717 Deutsch Wikipedia. NH3 — Ammoniac Ne doit pas être confondu avec Ammoniaque Ammonia (nh3) (English to Spanish translation). Translate Ammonia (nh3) to English online and download now our free translation software to use at any time Russian Translation for ammonia [NH3] - dict.cc English-Russian Dictionar

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Translations in context of NH3 in English-French from Reverso Context: nh3 emission NH3 translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'N',nth',NAHT',nohow', examples, definition, conjugatio Two NH3 molecules will coordinate to the silver cation to make the diammine complex and a chloride counterion: AgCl + 2NH3 -> Ag(NH3)2(1+)Cl(1-) NH3 : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz EC-FX-NH3 can provide a linear 4/20 mA signal input into PLC's. Common Operation Operation In units without the optional LCD module, a group of LEDs are installed to the PCB. In units with the optional LCD, two external push buttons, Accept and Scroll are used to navigate test functions and operating modes

Dutch Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Dutch Dictionar Spanish Translation for NH3 - dict.cc English-Spanish Dictionar NH3 is not an ionic compound but a molecular compound. This is due to the fact that it has two different atoms that are not metallic

Translation for 'of NH3' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations French Translation for ammonia [NH3] - dict.cc English-French Dictionar Albanian Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Albanian Dictionar Portuguese Translation for NH3 - dict.cc English-Portuguese Dictionar

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French Translation for NH3 - dict.cc English-French Dictionar Croatian Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Croatian Dictionar NH3 Solutions produserer kundetilpassede ammoniakkjøleanlegg med sertifiserte kjøleteknikkfirmaer som forhandlere. Ammoniakk er det kjølemiddelet som gir mest kjøling ved minst strømforbruk. I tillegg er ammoniakk det kjølemiddelet som har den grønneste miljøprofilen

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  1. Topic: NH3 Fuel Cell. Article ANNOUNCEMENT: The Japanese Government's Cabinet Office and the Japan Science and Technology Agency have released an English-language video that summarizes the accomplishments of the Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program's Energy Carriers initiative
  2. Finnish Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Finnish Dictionar
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  1. Romanian Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Romanian Dictionar
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  4. Slovak-English translation for: [NH3] Do you know English-Slovak translations not listed in this dictionary? Please tell us by entering them here! Before you submit, please have a look at the guidelines. If you can provide multiple translations, please post one by one
  5. NH3-102 Catalog RegO® equipment for Anhydrous Ammonia. 2020 Featured Products Information Brochure Right Click and save to download PDF. Regulator Performance Curves Cheat Sheets. REG-550 Regulator Cheat Sheet. REG-551 1st Stage and 2 PSI Regulators. REG-552 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Regulators
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  1. Romanian Translation for Ammoniak NH3 - dict.cc English-Romanian Dictionar
  2. Russian Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Russian Dictionar
  3. dict.cc English-German Dictionary: Translation for NH3. English-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others
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Hungarian Translation for NH3 - dict.cc English-Hungarian Dictionar Icelandic Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Icelandic Dictionar Swedish Translation for Ammoniak NH3 - dict.cc English-Swedish Dictionar Swedish Translation for [NH3] - dict.cc English-Swedish Dictionar HB Products is a development-oriented company, which specialises in the development and production of sensors for industrial refrigeration systems. Apart from expertise within oil and refrigerant control, we have great know-how in the design and optimisation of industrial refrigeration systems. This knowledge enables us to develop and produce the best sensors

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  1. Serbian-English dictionary  nh3. nh3: translation • ammonia. Serbian-English dictionary. 2013. nh2cl; nh4oh; Look at other dictionaries: NH3 — Strukturformel Allgemeines Name Ammoniak Andere Namen Azan R717 Deutsch Wikipedia. NH3 — Ammoniac Ne doit pas être confondu avec Ammoniaque
  2. Norsk English. eHåndbok Dokumenter Dokumenter eHåndboken for Oslo universitetssykehus. i i. TEST. A A A. Anonym {{vm.translation.aboutNetpowerHandbook}} Språk. Norsk English. eHåndbok Dokumenter Dokumenter.
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  4. Hva betyr NH3 står for i tekst I sum, NH3 er et akronym eller forkortelse ord som er definert i enkelt språk. Denne siden illustrerer hvordan NH3 brukes i meldings-og chatte fora, i tillegg til sosiale nettverksprogramvare som VK, Instagram, Whatsapp og Snapchat

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Nh3 | HMV&BOOKS online is a world class entertainment website which provides CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Games and Goods, Books, Comics and Magazines. Ponta Point available for both sites! Special campaigns and limited novelty with multiple payment & delivery options for our customer's satisfaction The molar mass and molecular weight of NH3 is 17.03052

English Translation for Ammoniak NH3 - dict.cc Bulgarian-English Dictionar Definition of Nh3. Ammonia or azane is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH 3.It is a colourless gas with a characteristic pungent smell. Ammonia contributes significantly to the nutritional needs of terrestrial organisms by serving as a precursor to food and fertilizers Many translated example sentences containing nh3-schlupf - Finnish-English dictionary and search engine for Finnish translations This chemical inventory is OSHA's premier one-stop shop for occupational chemical information. It compiles information from several government agencies and organizations. Information available on the pages includes: Chemical identification and physical properties Exposure limits Sampling information. 192 CHEMICAL AND ENERGY PROCESS ENGINEERING to condense, that is, when the first liquid drop is formed. If the temperature is given, then we must increase the pressure until the first liquid is formed

Bacteria (sing.bacterium) are very small organisms.They are prokaryotic microorganisms.Bacterial cells do not have a nucleus, and most have no organelles with membranes around them. Most have a cell wall.They do have DNA, and their biochemistry is basically the same as other living things. They are amongst the simplest and the oldest organism Historia. Pierwszy opisany związek amoniaku - salmiak (chlorek amonu), otrzymany został ok. 332 roku p.n.e. z odchodów wielbłądów w pobliżu świątyni Amona w oazie Siwa na terenie dzisiejszego Egiptu.Stąd pochodzi nazwa amoniak używana w różnych formach w większości języków świata.. Chlorek amonu był też znany przez średniowiecznych alchemików - był wzmiankowany.

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  1. MIDAS-E-NH3 2 year extended warranty Sensor Technology 3 electrode electrochemical cell Measuring Range (ppm) NH 3 0 - 100ppm Minimum Alarm 1 Set Point 12.5ppm Repeatability < Formula ± 5% of measured value Linearity Arsine 0.2 < ± 2% of measured value Response Time t 62.5 < 10 Carbonsecond
  2. Last ned dette gratis bildet av Ammoniakk Nh3 Kjemi fra Pixabay sitt enorme bibliotek av public domain bilder og videoer
  3. Ammoniak is een anorganische verbinding van stikstof en waterstof met als brutoformule NH 3.De structuur van de verbinding is niet vlak, maar neemt als gevolg van het vrij elektronenpaar op stikstof een trigonaal piramidale moleculaire geometrie aan. Het molecuul is uitgesproken polair.In het menselijk lichaam wordt door afbraak van eiwitten de overmaat aan stikstof uit het lichaam via de.
  4. e is a bidentate ligand and forms stable chelate, [Co(en)3]3+ will be a more stable complex than [Co(NH3)6]3
  5. The molar mass of NH3 is equals to 17 gram. Moles of NH3 in 8.5 gm =8.5/17=0.5 thus molecules in half mole NH3 is 6.022×10^23×0.5 and atoms in half mole NH3=0.5× 6.022×10^23×
  6. Våre valg vil derfor i de fleste tilfeller være å tilby anlegg med enten NH3, CO2 eller HC-medier. Det vil si medier som er naturlige, miljøvennlige og evigvarende. Produktsal

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Synthesis, Structure and NH3 Sorption Properties of Mixed Mg1-xMnx(NH3)6Cl2 Ammine Reducing NH3 Slip in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) By Jeremy Whorton 07.16.2019 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO 2) is one of a group of highly reactive gases known as oxides of nitrogen or nitrogen oxides (NOx) and it can be dangerous to one's health Balance the reaction of NH3 + H2SO4 = (NH4)2SO4 using this chemical equation balancer 氨 (英語: Ammonia ,或稱氨氣、無水氨,曾音譯作、氬、阿摩尼亞,分子式為NH 3 )是無色氣體,有強烈刺激氣味(尿味),極易溶於水。 常溫常壓下,1單位體積水可溶解700倍體積的氨。 氨對地球上的生物相當重要,是所有食物和肥料的重要成分。 氨也是很多藥物和商業清潔用品直接或間接的.

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Answer:a) NH3 has higher critical temperature than CO2 i.e. NH3 has greater intermolecular forces of attraction hance will be adsorbed more readily.b) In this type of colloids, colloidal particles are aggregates of atom or molecules each having size less than 1 nm e.g. sulphur sol. gold sol.multimolecular colloids are generally lyophobic in nature.In this type of colloids, colloidal particles. A10: English opening - 1. c4 - Chess Opening explorer. You can browse our entire chess database from this line, move by move Atualmente, o processo de Haber-Bosch (cujo desenvolvimento valeu a Fritz Haber e a Carl Bosch o Prémio Nobel da Química de 1918 e 1931, respectivamente) é o mais importante método de obtenção de amoníaco.Neste processo os gases nitrogênio e hidrogênio são combinados diretamente a uma pressão de 20 MPa e a uma temperatura de 500 °C, utilizando o ferro como catalisador Environmental Engineering (English ver.) A pungent colorless gaseous compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that is very soluble in water and can easily be condensed into a liquid by cold and pressure. Ammonia reacts with NOx to form ammonium nitrate -- a major PM2.5 component in the Western United States ^Baker, H. B. (1894). J. Chem. Soc. 65: 612.; แหล่งข้อมูลอื่น. International Chemical Safety Card 0414 (anhydrous ammonia); International Chemical Safety Card 0215 (aqueous solutions); NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards; Institut national de recherche et de securite (in French); Emergency Response to Ammonia Fertilizer Releases (Spills) for the Minnesota.

They neutralise each other, if the quantities are right you end up with a neutral ionic solution of ammonium chloride. If one or the other is in excess then you will have a solution of ammonium chloride with excess hydrochloric acid or excess ammo.. L'ammoniac est un composé chimique de formule N H 3 (du groupe générique des nitrures d'hydrogène).Dans les conditions normales de température et de pression, c'est un gaz noté NH 3 gaz [23].Il est incolore et irritant (d'odeur piquante à faible dose, il brûle les yeux et les poumons en concentration plus élevée). Il est industriellement produit par le procédé Haber-Bosch à partir.

Electrochemical Ammonia Sensor NH3-MD-100|IndustrialSteam tables
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